Monday Favorites 10/29/07

Hello Monday.
Was a good weekend. I was feeling all Domesticated yesterday
and decided to cook. Made a Rachael Ray doozie- an Italian Meatball Eggdrop soup. Delish! And also baked some Blondies. Double Delish!
They won't last long. My husband is already sneaking them out of the pan when I leave the room.
I thought it would be a good day to show some of my recent favorites on Etsy.

DuttonArt is responsible for this cute print of an original painting of a family of ceramic owls in a window display in Spain. They are too cute.
I have also discovered another new artist on Etsy - Swallowfield. Amazing prints of quaint little villages and awesome collages. This is the one I will be buying for my living room come pay day! This artist reminds me a lot of Charles Seliger pieces. Very intricate and detailed. LOVE IT!Off to iron!