A perfect collaboration

This is a beautiful necklace that I made with my friend Tara. We brought together our bead stashes and came up with our rendition of a piece in the project gallery on www.vintaj.com.
I had a bit of trouble though with the 3 strand seed beaded section on the left side. It juts isn't laying right and I'm not really sure how to fix it.
Pendant: LillyPilly Designs Butterfly: Green Girl Studios;chain and findings: Vintaj Brass Co.


  1. This necklace is lovely. What is your seed bead problem? I may be able to help (seed beads and I are old friends).

  2. HI Jade! Oh My Gosh! I absolutely love your work by the way!
    Seed Beaded strands on the left side of this necklace, and attached by beading wire to the jump rings. SO I have all three strands of wire in one crimp bead on both the top and bottom and it lays really weird.
    Maybe if I used a beading thread instead??

  3. Hmmm. I think I have a solution for you. But it's risky. You may have to restring. First, I think it was smart you used just one crimp for all 3 strands. Smart girl. I'm guessing that you want it to lay flatter and maybe a little looser? I would try breaking one bead from each strand with pliers. Ohh! Also when you are breaking them, wear gloves and protective goggles because the glass will fly. I know, I know it's scary. But it works. If this leaves too much space and you have to restring, before you close try to leave a 1-2mm gap between the beads and the crimp. I hope this was helpful:)


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