Thurs. October 25 2007

Bleh. Early. I have a 7:30am doctors appt today. Who's idea WAS that anyway??
I decided it would just be "easier" to take the day off from work. I have to do some stuff around the house. Put my freshly painted bedroom back together for one. I got a great duvet cover from IKEA that I can't wait to put on the bed. Once I get it all done up I'll post a pic.
We had a fire in the fireplace the other night for the first tim
e in our new house. It was really nice!
I recently donated a bracelet to EtsyBling! I think I did anyway, I sent the email with the photo but never did hear back from anyone about it. Maybe they are just waiting til they get all the contributors. Here is the bracelet: (this is a poor pic)
Well I'm off to start my day. Maybe I'll get into the studio later...that would be nice.