Wednesday Oct. 24 2007

This has to be the cutest thing I have see in a long time. I have been consistently checking this website for my daily giggle. It really does the trick as you can see here! Enough about that! Last night I worked a few new pieces specifically for the craft fair that I am doing with Tara in November. I wanted to get some nice brass pieces done so I have something to bring to the table. I finished a brass chain and blue silk cord necklace with a small moon, star, and coin pearl charm on the front and a small brass DREAM charm on the back that's attached to chain.

I also did a bracelet with various purple and green stones and brass jump rings, large etched floral ring, and small flying bird charm. I had originally wanted to use this enormous Amethyst nugget that I bought at a bead shop in Jacksonville FL, but once I got it on there, realized it was just too big to balance the rest of the bracelet. DARN. I'll find a special project for it eventually.

Off to work!