Thursday December 6

I finally finished the jewelry set that I made on commission for one of my husband's friends/coworkers. Pete is buying this set for his special lady for Christmas. I had the necklace already done, but made the matching earrings and bracelet tonight.
Today at work I volunteered to donate a piece (necklace most likely) to the raffle at our annual Christmas party. That's exciting. I have no idea what I will make to donate. There are some pretty sizable donations made already, pottery, photography, gift baskets, Meyda Tiffany, etc. I should probably try to make something really great. No pressure.
I also brought in about 12 pieces (necklaces, earrings and bracelets) to sell in the Gallery Gift shop in the museum where I work. Never hurts, and people have asked me time and time again why I wasn't selling my stuff there. Well I did it. Mostly brass pieces. I hope it does well. It's much different than anything else they have in the shop... mostly silver, some beadwork. Lots and lots of jewelry.
Wish me luck.