Friday! Jan. 25

As I promised to Libby, one of my only devoted readers, I am posting about my studio today. I transformed our smallest spare bedroom into a studio when we moved into our new house in September. This room is tiny but fits a small day bed, and 2 work tables just fine. What normally happens is my Cat Marley ends up coming in to harrass me but she found a nice spot to stay out of the way, last night while I worked away at my main submittal to the Art Bead Scene Monthly Challenge necklace.

So here is my table and the work in progress. I've laid out all the elements I want to use in my piece and now begins the fun part. You'll have to check back in to see photos of ICE STORM, I will be posting them later today. Suspenseful, I know. I planned it that way, to keep you coming back!