Friday! Jan. 25

As I promised to Libby, one of my only devoted readers, I am posting about my studio today. I transformed our smallest spare bedroom into a studio when we moved into our new house in September. This room is tiny but fits a small day bed, and 2 work tables just fine. What normally happens is my Cat Marley ends up coming in to harrass me but she found a nice spot to stay out of the way, last night while I worked away at my main submittal to the Art Bead Scene Monthly Challenge necklace.

So here is my table and the work in progress. I've laid out all the elements I want to use in my piece and now begins the fun part. You'll have to check back in to see photos of ICE STORM, I will be posting them later today. Suspenseful, I know. I planned it that way, to keep you coming back!


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you - I'm honored! As I suspected, your work area is far less cluttered than mine - cuz while I'm ogling others' work and just accumulating more stuff, you're actually using what you buy and creating beautiful jewelry. :) Beautiful pieces I'm not seeing anywhere else, and your prices are incredibly reasonable.
    Marley's sweet - looks so comfy, cozy and warm, unlike your necklace which looks very wintery-icy-can't-wait-for-spring-brrr. Best of luck with it in the challenge! You are truly an inspiration to me. Hugs, Libby

  2. Thanks Libby! That is the nicest thing anyone has said to me regarding my jewelry. I love the fact that you love what I do. Awesome.


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