HAPPY Sunday! Jan. 27

The COOLEST news from the weekend: I did an interview for the Art Bead Scene Blog!
Watch for it on the site sometime soon!

I thought I would show off some of MY Etsy purchases from the week...
First of all, I made a trade this weekend with Robyn from Robayre
for this beautiful framed yo-yo s
quare. The colors are perfect for the new family room (it's teal blue)

Then I bought these buttons in hopes of using them somehow in a bracelet that I have planned. They were handmade by Nancy from RoundRabbit.
She has LOTS of great items that I want in her shop, she is soooo talented! Check her out for SURE! AND she spends every weekend at a booth at the Syracuse Fairgrounds. One of these days I'll make it up there, for that! I'll have to make sure I bring a wad of cash though!
I was surfing around in my favorites and came across Humblebeads, who I have never bought from before but I have always coveted her polymer clay beads, and goodies. So I purchased one of these cool tube beads, in hopes of making something great for the February Art Bead Scene Challenge. (Hope it's Valentine's related!)


  1. me again. You Go Girl! Can't wait to read your interview. I like humblebead's things too - great colors. I made yoyos when I was into crazy quilting embroidery but never thought to frame them. duhhhh. Can't get enough of this creative stuff! Have a great week!

  2. Hi Libby!
    I know, isn't that framed Yo-Yo the cutest?? My mother made me a yo-yo quilt and gave it to me for Christmas. It took her like 3 years to make it because everytime she'd do the yo-yo's it would make her fingers hurt. :( So I guess know what goes into making them!
    Are you a crafty girl now? what do you do in your studio??

  3. These are some awesome purchases- the buttons are really beautiful.

  4. Thank you!
    HEY. You are CicadaCache too, right!?!?
    I love your shop!!

  5. gee is it Wednesday already? Yes, I'm a crafty girl; like you I dabble in lots of things. At the moment I'm trying to master peyote stitch and have made a few peyote cuffs (used some of your destash seed beads). Strung some bracelets and necklaces for Xmas presents but this month am obsessed with etsy's beadweavers amazing work.
    I see you're expanding your horizons lately; I hope to too.

  6. I just now realize that you are the Libby that I sold beads too. HA! Funny! I am glad you put them to good use. I'd love to see pictures of your creations. Do you have a flickr account by chance?

  7. No, no flickr acct - don't own a digital camera & it's not in the budget for awhile. Got any ideas? Thinking I might try to take pix with my dinky 35mm then have them developed on cd, then download on my computer. Anyone out there tried this??? I wanna play show-n-tell too!

  8. Of course! That's the next best option to a digital camera. Good plan! Can't wait to see whatcha got!


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