Tues Jan. 22

Wow~ I can't believe it's already the 22nd of January. This month is just whizzing by!
I am so excited for Spring to come. Not because it'll be warmer, but so that I can get outside and start landscaping at my new house! I love a house with a nice landscaped yard. Lots of flowers. Visual interest. My house has none of that now. see below.
I also can't wait for my husband to start painting the house. As you can see, the color is not really desirable...or my taste. The plan, green with white trim. YUM. Can't wait!

So in light of my Spring Fever, I made this pretty over the weekend, inspired by a flower garden. The red glass coins have many different colors swirled, and I brought in the accent colors using crazy lace agate in turquoise, and lilac, and glass beads in fuschia, blue, and green.
Of course, also using Vintaj Brass co. clasp and pendant. But the chain is from my all-time favorite brass seller on Etsy, BRASS BOUQUET!


  1. How I love a house with a porch! Reminds me of my childhood home - just add a rocker or swing, and a few pots of geraniums...ahhh...heaven on earth!

  2. Hi Libby!
    WOW! People do read my blog!!
    Isn't it a great house!?! I loved the porch too, which was definitely one of it's selling points. The bungalow also has a big wide open floor plan which was a huge improvement from my previous Cape Cod style house.
    I moved in at the end of the summer, and did have a little seating area set up on the left, 4 chairs, and a coffee table. My stepfather is building me a porch swing for it. ahhhhh, that WILL be heaven!

  3. Nice house - and beautiful necklace!


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