I seem to get REALLY excited lately when I finish a piece of jewelry that is great. I have such high hopes for it, that other people with love the design as much as I do, or the color combination. I list everything I make on Etsy and wait.........
the views jump up quickly......that's a good sign..........waiting............ waiting some more.............nothing. Nothing happens.
I try so hard to not get disappointed, but it's hard not too when you envision this piece being snatched up by someone that really appreciates handmade goods. I think that the overall issue here is Etsy is really slow. I don't know why.
Also, This venue is really tough when you don't have any feedback from anyone. Sometimes if I plaster my newly listed piece all over the forums, I'll get some small response from someone. I don't really know where I'm going with this, I guess I am just feeling really wordy today.
Let me also say that keeping a blog is fun, and I know people are looking at it because the little blog counter tells me so. BUT no one every leaves comments.
SO here is a test, I am thinking of having a contest. Free piece of jewelry. Random drawing from comments on a particular post. what do you think. are you in?? Please comment.