Artisan Feature No. 2

Artisan Feature No. 2: SNAULKTER

ErinLee is a true Textile Extra-ordinaire

I recently had the opportunity to trade some jewelry for one of ErinLee's Seahorses... When I get it, I will post pictures. It's beautiful. It's a gift for someone, but I can't reveal who here! ;)

1) Tell me as much or as little about yourself as you feel comfortable with…

I am a Mama, long distance runner, ovo-pescetarian-vegan, (I don't consume any animal products, except for free-range eggs and ecologically-friendly caught fish) artist and health conscious nut. I worked in a dead-end job, as an assistant manager, in a health food store for years, until I became pregnant with my first child. When Willow turned 12 weeks old, I tried to go back
to work- for 4 hours- but then I quit. I realized that my place was to be at home with my baby, who needed me as much as I needed her. I've been a stay-at-home-mama ever since, and loving every second of it!

2) What inspires you?

Willow, my partner Ben, seahorses, nature, friends, Etsians/handmade creations, art, music, running, photographs, weather. Children who have become ill and/or those who have died as a result of our corporate toy industry. My cats and other animals, of course. Nature is such an umbrella term.. I could list a billion things about nature. Here are just a few for the sake of time, and your boredom. ;) Trees, roots, moss, leaves, insects, the smell of coniferous trees, fungus... 3) How would you describe your craft and style?

As far as the seahorses go, personal, original, imaginative, warm, and cuddly.. I like to make them somewhat realistic looking, with a twist of fantasy. I primarily use recycled clothing and materials, but I will purchase new fabrics if the deal is too good to pass up. Every single one of my seahorses are made with my precious time, energy, love, and effort. I hand sew everything, and love each creature dearly. As does Willow, who squeals in delight whenever she sees one; she has 4 (so far) of her own!

4) How long have you been creating?

As long as I can remember- I come from a very artistic family. I have always loved to draw, especially with children. When I used to work as a camp counselor, one of my favorite activities was to get out my oil pastels and sketch pads, sit down with my group of kids, and draw. You can imagine my excitement that I have about my own child! We're just beginning to start creating together.. Art and English were always my best subjects in school. I remember one art teacher in high school who absolutely hated me, but I still managed to get 90's in her class. heh..

5) Is this a job or a hobby?

What once was an exclusive hobby, is now also a job. I decided to open up an Etsy shop for a couple of reasons. One being that I love all things handmade, and want to create and share my love with the rest of the world. Two being since I am a stay-at-home-mama, we need the extra income. Ben has been working like a slave, juggling 3 different jobs. Instead of me having to leave while my baby still needs me, I'm giving this a try.

6) What are your Etsy goals?

To be able to help provide for our little family so that Ben can quit at least one of those 3 jobs, to meet other wonderfully-talented creators, and to make someone else happy with my work. AND
To help others become more aware of what they're putting into their children's bodies, as well as their hands. And their own bodies..

7) What advice do you have for fellow Etsians

Stay positive! :D