Artisan Feature Number 3- DrikaB

Today I am featuring one of my favorites among the Etsy textile artisans. DrikaB crafts the cutest zippered pouches, handbags, purses, and totes, all by hand.

1)Tell me as much or as little about yourself as you feel comfortable with…

I’m Adriana, CEO, designer, photographer, model, etc… behind drikab. I'm “made in Brazil” where I grew up and studied design and architecture. Currently, I live in California with an eccentric dog named Cierra and a very supportive husband.

2)What inspires you?
I’m inspired by unexpected color and texture combinations, other people's studios, design blogs, books, and magazines [currently obsessed with all kinds of Japanese craft books].

3)How would you describe your craft and style?
I never really think about style. What is important to me is to make things that are practical and fun.

4)How long have you been creating?
According to my family, since the day I was born. I still remember going to fabric stores with my grandpa [I was about 6 years old] to buy fabrics to sew dresses for my Susie [Brazilian version of a Barbie - doll]. I haven’t stopped since…

5)Is this a job or a hobby?
It all started as a hobby; a dear friend gave me some scraps of decorator’s fabrics and said “You’re so creative, I’m sure you can do something with this”. Thru my regular job [which I quit long ago] I came across Etsy and decided to give it a try. It turned out to be the best job I ever had.

6)What are your Etsy goals?
Keep creating things I’m passionate about, and establish a label known by its good quality and cool design.

7) What advice do you have for fellow Etsians?
I think I’m too green to give advice but, these are things I truly believe:

[1] Stay true to yourself and only sell things you love.

[2] Keep the quality of your product. Handmade should mean “well-made”.

[3] Always have a sketch book near you. Good ideas come at the most unexpected times and places.

[4] A good photo speaks a thousand words!
That is some very good advice that I DEFINITELY will try to live by! THANKS DRIKA!


  1. Just saw DrikaB's bags in an Etsy Treausry. They are awesome! I can't wait to buy one. Thanks for sharing her talent.



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