Etsy Artisan Feature no. 4 (?) I lost count

One of my FAVORITE Lampwork glass artisans agreed to do an interview for my blog. I am so excited because I cannot get enough of this husband and wife team! They are completely self-taught and work very well together making beads and then turning them into little works of art (jewelry!)
The Orange Bell, Kevin and Robyn

1) Tell me as much or as little about yourself as you feel comfortable with… We are Kevin and Robyn Olson (of the Orange Bell). We have been married for 10yrs (wahoo!) and have 3 kids ages 5, 3, and 10mos. They are awesome and adorable and loving and just plain wonderful...Oh ya, and challenging, whiny and demanding! Just in case you were wondering if we were totally delusional and were living in some kind of fantasy! haha. Kevin is a MRI tech and Robyn is a homemaker. We also have a cat named Henry...he ROCKS!

2) What inspires you? That's always a tricky question, hmmmm. After discussing your question we decided it basically comes down to a NEED to create something more than a "specific" thing that inspires us! That being said we fee like inspiration comes constantly through music, art, color, people...nature...or cat!!!

3) How would you describe your craft and style?
We make Lampwork (correction Kevin makes lampwork) beads, and then "we" create jewelry with them. Our style has been changing and evolving as we hone our skills (as with any artist). Not sure exactly how to describe it though. Kevin is drawn to earth tones and Robyn loves color and we both really like incorporating silver into our pieces. Pretty sure that did NOT answer your question...hahaha, sorry.

4) How long have you been creating?
We have been creating Lampwork beads and jewelry for 2yrs this month! Of course like many others we've been creating since we were "young"! We both got the "crafty" gene and now our 5yr. old daughter has gotten it too :D It's so much fun! Except when the laundry piles up and the house explodes...then we wish we were accountants and highly ORGANIZED! haha

5) Is this a job or a hobby?
This is definitely a hobby....BUT, it's a hobby that requires it's kind of a job too!

6) What are your Etsy goals?
To be repeatedly featured on the main page! hahahaha....that would mean people like our stuff (and sales would definitely go up, wink-wink)

7) What advice do you have for fellow Etsians
Advice: Hone your photography skills! Your pictures sell your work and it's the biggest impression of your talent. Without good pictures you limit your ability to represent the quality of your art! PS. dig out your camera manual...then start experimenting!