feb 14 Happy Heart Day

Happy Valentine's! My husband gave me the cutest card this morning with an owl wearing heart boxers. Well it WAS really sweet of him, he knows I love owls. The boxers, I'm not so sure about that. And what he wrote inside made my heart melt. We went out to dinner last night to avoid tonight's restaurant chaos. I think we'll make a nice meal at home.

So on to jewelry. I fell in love with a new ring project in the Project Gallery at Vintaj.com. So I wanted to play around with it. I ordered some Vintaj lovebird links and this is what I came up with. It might be a little over the top. The original design used a much smaller pearl and you can see the birds on the front of the ring more clearly. On mine, you can't see them at all.
Hmmm. Might have to play around with it again later. I do like the white with the red Swarovski crystals. I think it's appropriate for Valentine's day!


  1. I think it's beautiful and unique, and not at all over the top- one can never have enough sappy love-wear. ;)

  2. Love the birds! Sounds like you had a sweet Valentine's Day.

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