Feb.1st SNOW DAY!


Not a whole lot going on today. Almost every school in central NY is closed today due to the snow and ice storm. I've barricaded myself inside my house, and with not a lot to do, thought I would take some fun pics for the bloggy.

If you noted my earlier posting about the owl that was on it's way to me from Laurie of OldSchoolAcres-
I thought I would revisit that topic. Did I mention how incredibly talented Laurie is? Oh my goodness. My owl is one of a kind, different from the picture I posted before. I like mine better...he is quite a character. Doesn't have a lot to say but always looks interested!
See what I mean?? Man is he cute. The detailing, and the craftsmanship- Stellar.
On the same OWLY note, I wanted to share another cutie that has been stashed away since I received him from AsianArtmall.com a few months back. I originally saw this little guy on Heather Wynn's website...and had to have it! It's a wooden owl bead in which they call Ojime. It's even signed by the artist. I just haven't come up with the perfect project for him yet.

I received my second order of MOO cards the other day, and I have to say I am 100% happy with how they turned out! I like that they all have the same background. The first order was shoddy on my part, not really knowing how to correctly crop the images. Here are some of the bunch:
And finally, Here is a necklace I made this morning.


  1. This necklace is




    I'm blown away.

  2. Aww thanks Libby!
    I have been holding onto that filigree ball for I don't know how long! Just didn't know what to do with it before. And it was a challenge let me tell you! It opens up on the bottom- I'm not sure why but it caused problems when I went to put a headpin or eyepin through it. So instead and slipped the head pin inside the ball (with a bead on it so it wouldn't slip right through the hole) and then up through the hole in the top. Does that make sense? I can visualize it but can't put it into words!

  3. I'm kinda glad you said that! I'd thought, gee, I wish I could just roll out of bed on a snowbound day, and < yawn > create a masterpiece!

    And don't worry about words...your visualization is just spot on! I liked hearing about the process though. More, please.


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