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After my big sale, I plan on listing some new Spring collection pieces in my shop. I don't typically work with pastel colors but for some reason, have Spring Fever so badly I can't think of any other color combinations! ha ha!
My husband and his friend Larry are hanging some new trim in my living room today. There is a lot of noise, banging, and nailing going on, which is making the poor cat a little frantic. I took some pics of her as she was completely impeding the beading process this afternoon.

I did have a little trouble with this green and yellow piece. The earthenwood butterfly link keeps spinning and facing the wrong way. I attached a few jumprings off of it that attach to the toggle bar. I thought I had added enough, but it's still spinning. If you have any advice to how to fix this issue, please comment this post!!


  1. Very Springy! I like these pale colors. Your kitty seems to like them too.

  2. Both necklaces are so pretty, soft and feminine and just right for spring. On my monitor the green cord matches the green of the pendant perfectly. Very nice work. Poor Marley doesn't look the least bit pleased with all that noise in her house!
    By the way - Congratulations on your One Year Etsyversary tomorrow!!!

  3. Really lovely necklace!

    Hmmm...the flippy issue I can't figure out though, adding the extra jump rings should have solved it. Two suggestions though: hold the necklace from the toggle loop and make sure the silk isn't twisted, if that doesn't work maybe a couple beads between the link and toggle bar?

  4. Mellisa,
    Thanks for the info. I'll play around with it and see what happens. I should try wearing this necklace and see if does it still when it's on.
    Otherwise, a few beads between might just be the ticket!
    Thanks for the comment!!


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