Saturday Feb 2

WICKED busy today getting ready for the Super Bowl Party that we are hosting tomorrow night. I am frantically cleaning the house from top to bottom. Funny, how the man that wanted this party, isn't home today because he's working ( i guess that's legitimate ;0) ) But how did I get stuck with all the cleaning, shopping, and preparation? I don't even WATCH football!!
I'd much rather be upstairs in the studio creating! Check out this awesome necklace I made yesterday. I am so thrilled with how it came out. It's so Quirky, and fun and I love the color combination. It's my first try at creating some sort of Collage type jewelry. The SPIRIT charm is from Earthenwood and the key is antique!I needed some new inspiration so I picked up a book at Joann Fabrics today. Believe it or not, they had a great selection of crafty books. I saw a page in the most recent Stringing magazine that talked about this book. I am excited to read through it. Well gotta run, cleaning to do!


  1. Yeah, who wants to do all that running around for football when there's beading to be done!?! Love the necklace, Lorelei!


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