Sunday night Feb. 24

Ahhhh. Sunday night. Work tomorrow. Blah.
It was a good day today. Did lots of laundry. Made some jewelry. Joe painted the newly hung trim in the dining/living room. I even bagged up some lots of beads to sell in the Bead Pod. Took lots of photos. Did more laundry. Made dinner.
Stir Fry- inspired by the Macrobiotic fried rice dish that I love at this local Japanese restaurant. I've made it before but tonight it seemed to come out really starchy. Maybe because the liquid hadn't all been sucked up by the rice beforehand. It was still pretty good regardless.

Yesterday we went and picked out and actually PURCHASED a new dining room set. Well, just the table and chairs. I wanted the Buffet too but that's the next on our list. The table is pretty, dark brown, long rectangular. Like a table should be, duh. :) The chairs are kind of rustic, upholstered seats, with a gold paisley pattern.
That's my weekend in a nutshell.