Tuesday Feb. 12

Sorry it's been so long since I posted. I just got busy I guess.

Pierogies. If you like them, you'll be jealous to learn that I am taking a cooking class tonight. We are learning to make Pierogies. Yummm. Potatoes and pasta together. You can't beat that!
Can't wait.
I have ordered some goodies on Etsy recently. Here are some of the things I am waiting for.
This gorgeous zippered pouch is coming from LittleBlackRabbit
I will definitely be ordering again from this seller. I really want the grey bag with the rust colored roses. In case anyone is reading this that wants to buy me a present. Just helpin' ya out!

This little Moo Card Case is coming my way from Ontario Canada from The Lonely Octopus. This will be so super helpful since I always forget to take my moo cards with me. I also ordered a little clutch too. YAY

And due to my recent lack of pendants and charms, I ordered 3 bundles of ceramic beauties from Gaea . I am pretty excited about these too. I have to get busy and restock my shop before Valentine's day. I thought these pretty blue hearts will look so cool with Vintaj brass!