Tuesday Feb. 5

I received lots of goodies yesterday in the mail - I've been ordering on Etsy like crazy! But a lot of what I got yesterday were beads for special custom orders. I made this necklace for a trade with the very talented Cathy Nichols! I needed a matching for a previous print that I got from her. I used some really great glass from artisans: guymelamed and wiredwings.
And here is the print that Cathy sent. I just love it!! It's called Room for Everyone
Make sure to check back in later today. I will be doing another Etsy Artisan feature of DrikaB! You can't miss that!


  1. Not only is your beautiful red necklace the perfect valentine's day color, but it's just right for warming up the bleak grayness of February.
    That silly comment I left yesterday was to let you know I won the Etsy Bead Team's Treasure Hunt random drawing on Sunday!!! Yay Me! Can't wait to see what I won! That's how I knew you were participating.
    And YAY Giants! I thought the whole thing was silly until the last ten minutes of the game when I all of a sudden became a big Giants fan. Hope your party was lots of fun!

  2. OMG! YOU WON!?! That's awesome!
    CONGRATULATIONS! To be honest, I was a little confused by that, but part of me did wonder if you were playing!
    The party was successful. Good food, good friends, GOOD TIMES!


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