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Jess, of Ona's creates these beautiful felted wool jewelry pieces that are not only accessories, but are works of art! I purchased one recently and it was a huge hit at the museum I work at. Jess is also happy to do custom work, as she is making me a bracelet next! If you haven't checked Ona's out yet, DO IT NOW! Great prices, and EXTREMELY high quality workmanship!

1) Tell me as much or as little about yourself as you feel comfortable with...
I am a self taught artist and a stay at home mom of two small children my son is 4 and my daughter is 3.

2) What inspires you? How did you get into making Felted jewelry?

I am inspired by tons of things! Nature, paintings, fashion...basically anything and everything makes me think.

Music plays a big part in my creating, a couple good songs, my shuffle and I'm good to go!

I started working with wool by chance. I had been living in Germany and I had bought a wool bag from a company
called Uttam London. I fell in love with it. So I bought a few pounds of wool and just started playing around with it.

3) How would you describe your craft and style?

I'm not sure how I would describe my style. I guess it could be called earthy funk?

4) How long have you been creating?

I have been creating with wool on and off for about a year and 1/2 now. I just recently started to really focus again. As the kids get bigger it gets easier to find time without taking away from being with them.

5) Is this a job or a hobby?

Right now I guess it is a hobby, but I would really love it to turn into a job!

6) What are your Etsy goals?

I look at Etsy as a first step. I sucked up my fears and just threw myself out there. Knowing my stuff is out there pushes me, it makes me want to do more, experiment and take risks with my art. I really want to define my style and stick out among all the other artists working with wool.

7) What advice do you have for fellow Etsians

Enjoy it! Knowing that my stuff just caught some ones eye if even for a second is truly motivating!


  1. Hi Lori-really cool! I love felted wool. I'm reviewing French-Inspired Jewelry for and mentioned you. Not sure when it will run.


  2. Hi Gina!
    yea I am really digging the felted wool jewelry lately myself!
    That's awesome, I love that book. How did you get involved with doing a book review? That's so excellent!

  3. I love learning about artists who felt, its something I've wanted to try and haven't got around too. These pieces are wonderful!

  4. Hey Thanks! I'm glad! I hope to drive some more traffic to Ona's. She just opened her shop recently. Pass the word on!!

  5. Oh, your felted wool jewelry is so eye-catching and lovely!

  6. Thanks Ravenhill! I'll pass your comment on to Jess of Ona's. She's the creator of these beauties!!


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