Monday March 3 2008

*Sigh* I got through today. It was a busy day at work
and that made for a nice fast Monday. I am working on a big photography/inventory project at work. I'm working with our Stoneware collection. If you've heard of White's Pottery, the majority of our 18th century stoneware is from there. Lots of white jugs, and mugs, all beige and white with blue decoration. After a while, it all looks the same.

The sale is pretty much kaput. Kind of not really worth it and if I had to do it all again, I'd have a different sale, like maybe Buy 2 get one free. That might be a good one to do next. Maybe I'll add a survey on the blog. See what people think.

I am not usually a sucker for buying jewelry from other Etsians, but within the last week, have discovered 2 exceptions to this rule. I will be featuring one of the two on the blog, in a few days.
The necklace above is a beautiful piece I purchased from Ona's. Jess, of Ona's, creates little woolen masterpieces! The earthy colors of this piece really stood out for me, and the shape is so organic. I can't wait to wear it, as I know the women I work with at the Museum are going to go BONKERS for it!

And then this piece below was created by Lucie of 3dots!
Another wonderful Etsy seller who creates WOODEN masterpieces. I love the organic feeling of these necklaces also. It will be a nice addition to my jewelry collection. A classic look and I am super stoked because it will go perfectly with this really cool wooden ring that I bought on Etsy. It was the VERY FIRST purchase I ever made on Etsy.

Onetribe is unfortunately no longer open! Something about Etsy not recognizing them as a collective. What does that even mean?? I am very sad to learn this news. I hope they do open their own website.