Review on The Orange Bell

Check out this Review I wrote! This is a great website if you've never been. Looking for a shop, but want some direction? Check out the Etsy Shop Directory at We Love Etsy!


  1. hey,

    you came to my blog and wondered about the layout. it is the minima layout through blogspot but I edited the HTML to make 3 columns
    if you go here, I have a link to where I learned how to do it

  2. Hi Lorelei! Had to check out your blog since I so love your Etsy listings. I am loving my Heart Breaker necklas. You've got a new daily reader!


  3. Beckie, Thanks so much for that link. I hope I can figure it out.

    Lindy! Welcome! Glad you stopped by! Keep on reading, cuz I've been doing fun things lately like contests...And next week I plan on posting some video turorials!



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