Sunday March 2 SALE CONTINUES!


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Yesterday went by so fast I can't even say for sure what I did all day. I know I did like 900 loads of laundry in between constantly checking my email for sales. Sold 2 pair of earrings! So I replaced those with 2 more pair. One more pair of the ever popular Smoky Lemons, and this pair (to the left)
I am trying not to be too discouraged about the sale. Especially since it's the weekend, and I always have more luck during the week. So, good thing I extended the sale to last thru til the end of Monday. Since the house is nice and clean and there is no laundry to be done, I can have a nice full day to work on Jewelry!

I bought this awesome book the other day at Barnes & Noble. Although I was there looking for ARTFUL BLOGGING

and of course, they didn't have it! I hate that about B&N! It happens to me a lot!
Anyway, I picked up Semiprecious Salvage
It has beautiful pictures, and step by step instructions on how to make mixed media jewelry. I also picked up the most recent SIMPLY BEADS magazine. I tried to find a picture of it, but couldn't. It has an awesome necklace on the front using the Dragonfly link from Green Girl Studios. It was designed by Jean Yates. I have had this same link in my stash for a looong time now, not knowing what to do with it. I just love the dragonfly so much, I'm not sure I could use for a piece to sell. It will have to be for me. God knows I need another piece of jewelry. ;)
Off to bead! Later!