Sunday March 2 SALE CONTINUES!


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Yesterday went by so fast I can't even say for sure what I did all day. I know I did like 900 loads of laundry in between constantly checking my email for sales. Sold 2 pair of earrings! So I replaced those with 2 more pair. One more pair of the ever popular Smoky Lemons, and this pair (to the left)
I am trying not to be too discouraged about the sale. Especially since it's the weekend, and I always have more luck during the week. So, good thing I extended the sale to last thru til the end of Monday. Since the house is nice and clean and there is no laundry to be done, I can have a nice full day to work on Jewelry!

I bought this awesome book the other day at Barnes & Noble. Although I was there looking for ARTFUL BLOGGING

and of course, they didn't have it! I hate that about B&N! It happens to me a lot!
Anyway, I picked up Semiprecious Salvage
It has beautiful pictures, and step by step instructions on how to make mixed media jewelry. I also picked up the most recent SIMPLY BEADS magazine. I tried to find a picture of it, but couldn't. It has an awesome necklace on the front using the Dragonfly link from Green Girl Studios. It was designed by Jean Yates. I have had this same link in my stash for a looong time now, not knowing what to do with it. I just love the dragonfly so much, I'm not sure I could use for a piece to sell. It will have to be for me. God knows I need another piece of jewelry. ;)
Off to bead! Later!


  1. Dear Lorelei: it's Jean Yates here, Ho!!! Just wanted to stop by to THANK you for mentioning me in your blog! I am really flattered! I love everything Green Girl too, and the Red Haiku bead is a beautiful lampwork focal by Lisa Kan!

    all the best, me!

  2. Hi Jean!
    Thanks for posting on my bloggy!
    And you are welcome. That piece on the cover is super duper!
    Thanks for being a great inspiration!!

  3. Thank you nej!
    I am glad you stopped by!


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