Sunday March 9

I didn't sleep well last night. Even with the new feather bed that we put on the bed, the strong winds all night kept me awake and paranoid about many things....what if the roof rips off, what if it rips the shingles off, what if one of the three enormous trees outside my window, come down on top of us. Every time I would doze off, the wind would pick up and I would immediately become scared to the point of serious hot sweats! I swear we now live in the windiest area! This isn't the first time we've had wind like this. And maybe it's just pronounced because it's whistling through these enormous tree branches outside my window, but GEEZ!? Can't I get ONE decent night of sleep in this house? I contemplated beading several times throughout the night, but was too lazy to get up.
The weekend has proved to be a successful one. The mojo is back. Here's some stuff!

I was brave enough to use some Green Girl Studios pewter rings I've had for some time, and another beloved Earthenwood Studio
dragonfly pendant.

This necklace ended up being longer than I anticipated but I think the length is kind of cool. It's probably 20 inches long. I used one of Melanie's new Steampunk inspired gear connectors, an antique key I bought last weekend at a local antique mall, a carved bone round from my local bead shop a square wood tab bead, Vintaj Bead Co. etched chain and swirly clasp, and seed beads in matte olive, matte brown, and grey.

These awesome floral beads were made by Jess of BeadyMonkey.
I paired them with some cool gunmetal colored chain, another antique key, faceted amazonite and wood tabs.


  1. Ahh...late night beading. It is a toss up. On one hand I get some really incredible work done in the wee hours and on the other hand I suffer so much the next day I wonder if it is really worth it!

    It looks like your projects would have been worth a bit of lost sleep!

  2. Oh these projects were created during the day. I never did get out of bed...just thought long and hard about it.:)

  3. I admire you, Lorelei, because you don't suffer from the same syndrome that afflicts me - 'Permanently Saved Syndrome' when something you find is too precious to use - your liberality and generosity in using Green Girl components and parting with them is inspiring!
    Love the Gears Turning piece!!

  4. Hi Lynn!
    You have no idea, I did hang onto those pewter GGS rings for MONTHS before using them. I finally just recently came to the realization that YES, I can get that element from GGS again. NO, it's NOT the only one on the face of the earth therefore I must hoard it away for months and months. lol Still have several GGS pieces and Earthenwood pieces that I can't bare to use. I have to just GET OVER IT!


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