TGIF! March 28

Heather Wynn

One of my biggest and best inspirations in the jewelry designing world! If you haven't gone to her website, go NOW. Kick up your feet and let your eyes be completely tickled by the sight of her nature inspired jewelry and pendant designs. You cannot imagine the joy I felt when I ordered my very first Heather Wynn pendant. And owl of course! I look forward to using it in a special piece for myself. But don't worry, I'll order more and then you can have a chance to revel in the beauty of Heather Wynn too.

So I wanted to add a new element to the blog so I am going to start sharing my music inspirations with my readers. I have my little ipod set up to some speakers in my craft room. I tend to listen to the same music over and over, once I get into an artist that I really love. Right now, that music is Iron and Wine. What are you listening to in the studio these days? Leave a comment! I love getting music recommendations! More later today..... stay tuned.


  1. Hey Ms Lori! Heather's work is beautiful - love what she does with clay, especially the words of wisdom that fit the pieces so perfectly. Great stuff!

  2. Hi Ms. Libby :)
    Isn't she amazing!? I drool over her jewelry designs all the time.
    How did you like this Iron and Wine video? Pretty cool huh? I love the dancers!

  3. Anonymous4/02/2008

    thank you kindly for the thoughtful words, they mean more than you know.


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