Tues March 18

Happy Tuesday.

Here are some before and after pics of our master bedroom. We tore off all the wallpaper, and painted a nice goose down color (martha stewart color) with bright white trim. As you can see, this is Marley's favorite room. ;)

There isn't a real consistent theme in this room quite yet. I have matted some really cool prints from Corid but I still need to buy some frames for them. I am going to try to eliminate the country them and have a more neutral, pottery barn feel in the room.

These are the prints I got from Corid:

I know, I know... more birds!


  1. Your master looks great! Love the floors! & Love pottery barn (especially sale and clearance LOL). Lovely prints too. Funny thing? I'm so not a bird person but every piece of art I've marked a favorite on etsy has birds!! LOL What's up with that??

  2. HI Melissa!
    Thanks for your comments!!!
    I know, I have just gone a little bit overboard with the birds. My husband doesn't mind, though!
    Anyway, thanks for stopping in!!

  3. What a lovely transformation! It looks so restful- just what a bedroom ought to be :)

  4. Hi Michelle!
    Thanks for your comments! Good luck on the giveaway!!
    Thanks for the comments about my bedroom. I think it's coming along quite well! :)
    Congrats on your radio gig today! I didn't listen to it yet, will when i get home from work.

  5. That color is great! Much better than the wallpaper.

  6. Thanks Caroline!
    :) It was such a relief to get that wallpaper off the room. I felt the BIGGEST Sense of accomplishment in that room, out of all the rooms in our house.

  7. Anonymous3/19/2008

    That's a nice transformation. I like the new look and those hardwood floors! I see you have you rug right about where I keep mine! Those dang floors are a cold step first thing in the morning!


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