Wed. March 26 2008

So, this is how the evening in the studio started out. Marley. Gotta love her, but she sees me in there and immediately feels the need to be in the middle of the action.

Here is a nice portrait of the two of us. She's not EVEN leavin'!

Don't think You're doing jewelry tonight.

Ummm, I don't think so. Nope. Not leavin'.

Had to boot her. Then the beading started. I was concentrating on the last of the March Art Bead Scene challenges last night. The theme: Celebrate! To honor the 1st birthday of ABS. At first I was thinking that I didn't really have any celebratory type beads in stock but had forgotten about these awesome lampwork beads that I got from HMB Studios. If you haven't checked this shop out, DO IT! Great color and cool shapes, and very affordable prices. I paired these beads with my last DorsetHillBeads focal bead, and some different textures of chain and garnet dangles. I re-purposed this chain from previous necklace that I had made.

This bracelet features lampwork glass from Studiorent. Another fabulous glasswork artisan. This bracelet reminds me a little bit of birthday cake. I entered this one into the contest also, calling it Where's the Cake?

Well time to start my day. Hope your day is sunnier, all I've got is rain here! :(


  1. Oh wow! That´s pretty. (The jewelry and Marley)

  2. Awe, that is a darling putty. My cat loves to stay in the room with me when I am making jewelry. Sometimes he gets jealous, but most of the time he will sit quietly while I work. Don't you just love those putty cats? BTW, very nice pieces!

  3. Thanks for stopping in June! Yes, Marley is always in the way while I'm in the studio trying to get things done. She tends to be really distracting. Always climbing all over my table and chewing on my beading wire. Gotta love her!


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