Working Hard or Hardly Working?

This made me giggle today.


  1. this is great! have you seen the one where the cat tries to wake up his human? it's by the same guy.

  2. Hi!
    I have, it's hilarious. And being a cat owner, I can totally relate to both of these!!
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  3. I have 3 times the cat fun...I can appreciate it too. In fact one is on my lap now, totally put out that I'm typing while he's gracing me with his catness. Your stuff is fantastic, btw. I started messing around with jewelry making back in September when my husband started his MBA program. He's almost non-existant around here. I'm just strting now to branch out beyond the likes of "Blue Moon Beads" and getting into the handmade pendants and such. And I'm Etsy-ing ALL THE TIME. Just a slight addiction. Maybe one day I'll sell, but I'm too intimidated yet.


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