TUTORIAL! monday april 7th- Last day of the big sale!

I attempted the wire-wrapping tutorial again. I will be quite

surprised if you actually get anything out of it because it's really
hard to see what I'm actually doing.

Maybe I should ask

for a camcorder for my birthday (May 18th- in case you want to buy
me one! HA!)

It's beautiful outside, 55 degrees with blue skies. Why I am in this house? Seacrest out.

Today (monday!) is the last day for the Blog special- Special 25% off everything in the

for Blog readers only!

Enter the code MARLEY0500
when checking out but don't
go all the way through to pay. Give me your
email and I'll
send a revised invoice.


  1. I could see what you were doing for the most of the video, it was pretty clear. The angle was off at some moments, but I think you could fix that. Thanks for working so hard to help all of the beginners. Oh! Was that you singing in the background?

  2. You get an A for effort - much better than I could have ever done. The cute little owl in the background is in perfect focus.... Good to know all the time spent that it takes to do wire wrapping...

  3. LoL- No that's my IPOD playing Ingrid Michaelson in the background. I may have been singing to the music, I don't know. That's really funny if I was!!
    Yea I'd say it was approx. 1 min. 35 seconds to do each bead? That's pretty good. But when I first started jewelry, I had a heck of a time doing wire-wrapping. It took a year of practice to get that far!! ;)


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