Etsy Feature: Corid

Cori Dantini of Corid paints beautiful pictures of different subject matter and like me, is inspired by nature! She offers prints of her paintings in her shop. Enjoy this interview!

1) Tell me as much or as little about yourself as you feel comfortable with…

I have always known that I was going to grow up and be an artist. Really. Despite my father insisting that I should get a degree in business (instead of art), despite him asking me why I didn’t paint ducks? Despite him telling me that “no one was going to buy my paintings”. If anything, this constant sense of “it’ll never work” just fortified me about my decision to be an artist. I suppose this is where I thank my father. So Dad… thanks. If it weren’t for you, I might have been a social worker (oh the possibilities).

Basic details about me... I am short. My hair keeps getting curlier and curlier the older I get (it started out straight). I like the bed to made when I crawl in at night. I am fiercely loyal. I have REALLY high standards and I disappoint easily. I am a workhorse. I work fast. I love vegetarian sushi. I am a dog person. I love to make stuff. I like to try new things… whether that be a recipe, a new technique in my work, you name it. I get car sick… so you will always find me in the front seat, preferably driving. Life details: mom (to Henry, age 5), wife to Liam (10 years). Owner of one dog (Lucy… who despite years of unconditional love, is a chicken wrapped in a dog suit) we all live in Pullman Washington, but will soon be moving to Salt Lake City.

2) What inspires you? Life. Akward moments. Social interactions. Sillyness. Treasure! Music. Motion. WORDS.

3) How would you describe your craft and style? Eclectic. Always open to change.

4) How long have you been creating? I have been making stuff in earnest since high school, but art has always been my favorite… since 2nd grade I’d say. when I remember making this Santa face out of Construction paper… with floating eyes, nose, and beard. It turned out remarkably well compared to everyone elses, and I remember feeling very satisfied by that. (believe me, I never got that sensation when doing math).

5) Is this a job or a hobby? Job! YEAH!!!

6) What are your Etsy goals? I want to sell tons of stuff… not sure yet how to make that happen, but believe me when I say I have been thinking about it. A LOT.

7) What advice do you have for fellow Etsians? LIST. List list list list. *Somehow I missed this detail for the first 4 months of being on Etsy. Someone had to TELL ME that tidbit. It seems so obvious now, but it didn’t occur to me at first. (I am blushing).

Thanks again Cori for participating in my weekly Etsy Feature!! ;)

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