Friday April 4th

Last night's Ballet experience was really wonderful. The St. Petersburg Ballet did a beautiful Romeo and Juliet. I really enjoyed it. My husband....sleeping about 3/4 of the way through. Well, what did I expect really. Poor guy.
I don't know how he could have been comfortable enough to sleep! The seats in the Stanley theater about the most uncomfortable seats I've had to sit in. My poor knees were physically jammed into the back of the seat in front of me. If I wasn't such a chicken, I would have moved 5 rows down to a row of empty seats where there were no seats in front of them. That would have been so much better, but I'm just not a law breaker.

Anyhoo, yesterday I ordered a book I've been waiting a long time for. Simply Modern Jewelry
by Danielle Fox. I will blog more about it when I get it.
Hopefully Amazon will ship quickly and the mailmen and women will be On the Ball.
Look how pretty this piece is on the cover! I think that's what drew me in to want to buy it! If you know where I can buy that clasp, let me know, because it's delicious! I am quite attracted to Bees in jewelry (ever since the most recent Stringing came out, featuring Bee beads) but the funny thing is, I AM DEATHLY AFRAID OF BEES. Like I will RUN.... FAST, if a bee is around me. It's a knee jerk reaction that I cannot control. Bee in the car, TOTAL PANIC. Bee in the house, I get the heck out of dodge. I don't know why I have this fear, because I've only been stung 2 times in my whole life, back when I was a kid. Guess that was enough!
Hoping to do some tutorials over the weekend, and just get in the studio to get some beauties made up. Been collecting beads the last few weeks. I oughtta have something to work with now!
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