I Love the 80s April 29

I'm unsure of the year this was popular. I remember getting this Pac Man mini arcade game for Christmas. Video games were big even in the 80s! And boy, were we ever the biggest pac man fans! My parents
being the worst of all of us. We
had a blast playing this, until my father played it so emphatically one day
that it crumbled in his hands. Thanks Dad!

My two favorite cassette tapes of 1987-88:
and Janet Jackson, Control.

But if you want to listen to an awesome
mix, check out my Madonna Channel
on Pandora!

Today's I love the 80s SALE:
ALL BRACELETS are 20% off, one day only! Sale ends at 10pm. Send a convo with your email before paying, and I will send
a revised invoice!


  1. Too funny - Girl I swear we'd be BFF if we lived any closer. LOVED the video of the jewelry room. Hope you got it organized.


  2. Hi Lindy!
    Glad you are enjoying my posts lately! :) I did not organize my studio...I've just been working around the mess. lol! Oh well, maybe this weekend.
    I've just been keeping the door shut so people don't have to see the disaster.

  3. OMG! We LOVE Pandora! It is so much fun to make up whack-a-do channels! Love the bracelet! I wish I still had all my Hello Kitty stuff from back in the day! My little one is 2 1/2 and we get the Hello Kitty fruit snax! Too cute!

  4. Hi Gaea!
    Oh yea, just discovered Pandora myself. It's so great. I was listening to the Madonna channel last night and was ROCKING OUT! Every song was sooo good, Duran Duran, Blondie, No Doubt...new stuff and old stuff, and of course MADONNA! Loved it!
    I know, I wonder what exactly happened to all my Hello Kitty gear?? Now they sell quite a bit of it at the local A.C. Moore craft store. Actually they might have it at Michael's too.


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