I Love the 80s

I absolutely love everything from the 1980's! With exception of the clothes and hair! I love the music, the movies, the funny trends! I want to start sharing some of my favorite 80's things. I'll officially kick-off this 1980's Flashback Favorites on Monday. Til then, Enjoy these fun YouTube videos of my 2 most favorite 80's movies of all times! Have a fun Friday!!


  1. I freaking loved the 80s!!! There are days when I wish it was still 1985...

  2. I have seen The Breakfast Club more times than any human should. I recite monologue at random moments at my workplace. "You are a neomaxizoomdweebie..." Bender is my favorite character.

  3. Hi Nancy!
    YAY! This will be a fun week coming up. If you know of some really cool trend you want me to blog about, let me know. 1985 was good! I was 11 years old! I may even post a few pictures of me back in the day. lol!

  4. Hi Ginger!
    Thanks for commenting!
    I loved this movie too. I have Sixteen Candles but don't yet have the Breakfast Club dvd. I can't tell you the last time I watched it in it's entirety, THE real version- not TV edited!
    Check back in next week. I am going to try posting lots of fun 80's goodies.


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