Lazy Sunday April 27

Quite a lazy Sunday .... did some laundry, took a nice morning walk, made some jewelry, surfed the internet, finally watched Grey's Anatomy, and now I wait til the finale episode of Big Brother! Took some pictures today of the landscaping that Joe did in the yard. What a beautiful difference this made in the appearance of our house. I know our neighbors must be so happy! Next, we paint!
Tune in tomorrow for some 1980s FUN! And maybe a SALE, if you're lucky!! :)


  1. I think that every sunday is lazy jeje!
    here is a little boring :P

    take care!

    fabian from chile

  2. Oh I miss working in the big belly won't let me!
    It looks Great!

  3. HI Leslie!
    Oh thank! You'll be able to work on landscaping soon enough!! When are you due again?


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