Saturday April 12, 2008

It may look innocent enough, but this necklace gave me a headache. These shells weren't fun to string- to get this thicker look, I had to string onto 3 threads. 1 shell on each thread, then one shell on all three threads, 1 shell on each thread, etc. etc. Kind of like this:The cool part about these shell beads is that I found them at an antique mall.... A very long strand of them for $3! It was a really lucky find. I just hope they don't look too gaudy. I like them paired with the teal, and luckily I had stuff in my stash to go perfectly with this Sand Dollar pendant from Patina Queen!
I am off to download some new music. I found a new band on iTunes that I really like a lot. Slow Runner - Their cd is called Mermaids.