Thursday April 10

Round Rabbit
It's pretty quiet around here lately, except for the little critter living in my attic space. We're assuming it's a squirrel. There is an extreme overpopulation of them in this area. We also fear that we will soon have a bat issue. This house has a history of bats in the past, but since we've moved in Joe has replaced the basement windows and has gone around and sealed up a lot of the gaps in the siding and trim with expanding foam. But the other night we were outside listening to the critter crawl around in the overhang, and the bats were circling the house. This apparently means (according to the exterminator guy that we called) that the bats most likely stayed in the house all winter long. Wonderful. This guy is coming over tonight to have a look at the house and give us some pointers on sealing up gaps and things like that. I think he also may set up an animal- safe trap in the attic for the squirrel.

Green Girl Studios pewter Squirrel

Onto more exciting news... Nothing is happening lately in the studio. Been pretty low on ideas lately. Just waiting for a big box of beads to come from Heather Powers and Mary Harding. More on this exciting development later on!!

In the meantime, I'm in a shoe buying mood! Which of these beauties from Old Navy should I buy? I'm thinkin' I might need all 3 especially since they're like $11!