Thursday April 3

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Happy April! I see the first signs of the weather actually warming up. Monday of this week was as warm as 67 degrees! That's awesome in my book. If I never hear the S word again til next season, I'd be cool with that.
So you're probably wondering, where the heck are the tutorials you promised?? I know I know. *shaking head. I just haven't had a chance to get into the studio and clean up my space and do it. But I will. I promise. I know I'm going to do wire-wrapping. Do you have any other techniques that you'd like to see done in a tutorial? Comment this post if you do!
I am quite excited for tonight- a nice evening out with my husband and a couple of friends for some good ol' fashioned BALLET! We are seeing the St. Petersburg Ballet Company perform Romeo and Juliet at the Stanley Theatre. How I got my husband to agree to this, I'll never know! ;)


  1. Maybe you can add some tips on how to incorporate chains and jump rings into the jewelry making process in the tutorial. Where do you purchase your chains and jump rings from??

  2. well there are few places. Are we talking about brass? I sometimes buy at, sometimes from,, and sometimes from my local bead shop.
    I very rarely use beading wire anymore. Occasionally. I actually like using jumprings and chain the most when making jewelry. It's so easy. Just need a few pair of pliers. I'll do a tutorial, thanks for your input!!

  3. Thanks for the info and I will be looking forward to the tutorials. I really admire people who share their talents with others.

  4. Wow! Hubby sounds pretty cool! Will be looking for Shakespearean-inspired pieces coming out of your studio. :) Hope you have a wonderful night.

  5. It's funny that you say that, because the Art Bead Scene challenge for April is Youthful Spirit (??) and they quote Shakespeare on the website.
    So maybe you will!!??


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