Wed. April 23, 2008

I've been missing my sister terribly
the last few days. She's a few hours away from
This is a little tribute to
Franny and I are 16 years apart but are as
close as any sisters could be. We always
ALWAYS have fun together. Franny has
her Senior Prom this weekend! She will

be going away to college in the Fall of '08!
Here's a small glimpse into the world of
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  1. Awwww - Lorelei, you are so lucky to have such a special bond with your sister. As an only child I am always amazed and I am embarassed to admit a little jealous of it. I see it in my girls and it is such a wonderful thing. You are too sweet.


  2. Anonymous4/23/2008

    What a lovely tribute! I know from having children that the oldest usually sets the tone for the relationship. Obviously you've been a wonderful big sister to her and she's very fortunate to have you. :) ~Sharon

  3. Hi Lindy!
    I cannot imagine life without her now! She is also usually the lucky recipient of a lot of my jewelry! lol!

  4. Hi Sharon,
    Thanks for commenting!
    As you can see, we usually have a pretty good time together. She is NOTHING like me. Super confident, outspoken, outgoing,extremely smart, and clearly got all the looks in the family. haha!

  5. Anonymous4/24/2008

    Oh, I don't know about that Lorelei!! Together you both have so much love, life and beauty. You're so fortunate to have each other and appreciate the gifts you have. :)~Sharon


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