What Kind of Humblebead are You today??

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Ahhhh Humblebeads. You just can't beat 'em! I've just started using Heather Powers' Beads in my jewelry and I can't tell you how fun and interesting these beads are up close and personal!
The details on each bead is really incredible. The patience that goes into every single bead will leave your mouth agape, wondering "HOW DOES SHE DO IT??"

Sooo many bead shapes to choose from, so little time. There is the wafer, the lentil, the cuff bead, the disc, long bead, toggle, or bird!!
Then to choose a color theme: there is Petals, Branches, Cherry Blossom, Monet, Van Gogh, and William Morris!

Heather has been posting different beading projects on her blog lately. It's so refreshing to see an artist so generous by giving jewelry ideas to her customers! I personally tried one out myself. I recently left a comment on Studio Saturdays on the ABS, and won this set of Van Gogh Starry Night beads. Shortly after receiving them, Heather posted this project idea on her blog. (click here to see it)
It was a fun and easy project that really showcases these beads well!!

I look forward to more beads from Heather, and you should rush over to read her fun Blog , check out her etsy shop, check out her store, or if you're interested in illustration, read this!


  1. You know Lorelei you really are making me what to take up jewelry making. You know where to get all the "cool" stuff and share how to do it. Too bad I'm ear deep in other projects. Loving the blog and reading daily!


  2. Hi Lindy!
    I'm so glad that I provide some interesting material on my blog for people, EVEN people with no jewelry background!! You go girl, do some jewelry! I have some future plans to blog about putting together a bracelet, or necklace or earrings, like step by step. I'm just a visual learner so I'd like to include pictures of each step and I'm just not sure how to do that yet!
    enough out of my yapper, thanks for being a loyal reader!


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