5 days and counting

Worked diligently in the studio last night after work so I would have some good stuff to post today. Here are three necklaces I made.
<--- Beady Monkey provided me with this cool handmade wood focal.

I will be listing these new pieces in the shop today so stay tuned.

Smoky Quartz and prehnite nuggets with a Green Girl Studios Key and a funky toggle. I tried to use a pendant on this necklace and it just didn't work. This is my new favorite color combination. Something about the grey with green. Prehnite is also one of my favorite stones. I got these nuggets from an Etsy Seller: GemmeTresor

Destination jewelry. Wear this on your summer vacation with any outfit. Abalone shell beads, green frosted glass, Czech glass, lucite, pink lampwork round: Cindy Hoo, bead caps and S clasp from Cindy Hoo. Green Patinaed seahorse from Patina Queen
Shell pendant from Walmart!

This is one of the bookmarks(aka "thank you" cards) I made over the weekend. This isn't the best example of my stamping abilities, most of the others came out better than this. But the stamps are so sweet and there is something about the brown on brown that is eye catching.

Read yesterday's post again, as I've added a picture of the scrapbook paper I mentioned.
I am going to offer a small packet of this paper in my Etsy store today.

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!


  1. Anonymous5/13/2008

    Oh Lorelei, I love the pink necklace with the wooden focal - just gorgeous!! Great job on the bookmark too - so sweet!! ~Sharon

  2. I LOVE the brown on brown! What kind of paper are you using. I have some old paper that is "banana leaf" paper and it is so pretty! Yours looks similar.

  3. Oh! And you new pieces are beautiful! I love the green and brown with the key!

  4. Oh! And you new pieces are beautiful! I love the green and brown with the key!

  5. HI Gaea! Hi Sharon!
    The brown papers are actually a pre-cut package of bookmarks that you alter any way you like. I got them at Michael's.

  6. Anonymous5/13/2008

    Oh wow, Lorelei, thanks so much for the info on the bookmarks!! Have a wonderful week! ~Sharon

  7. You DID work diligently! Love the new pieces and the book mark is such a nice thank you treat! Nice touch Lorelei!

  8. Whee..! Seahorse! I love it!

  9. Anonymous5/14/2008

    love the new necklaces!!!

    and the bookmarks are super cute,
    you are bursting with creativity.


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