Collaboration Exploration: THE REVEAL!

I was so completely flabbergasted when Heather Powers of Humblebeads asked me to participate in the Collaboration Exploration! *batting eyelashes, "Little ol' me?"

Here's how it works: 3 people: two bead makers and a designer (*that's me!) each get handmade art beads from each bead artist. Independently, we design jewelry using at least one art bead from each artist in each piece. We can use as man
y beads as we want, but don't necessarily have to use ALL of them.

I was part of a 3 person team, including Heather Powers, and Mary Harding. Heather handcrafts polymer clay beads and Mary Harding works in Ceramics.

Here is my first piece. I wire-wrapped Heather's disc beads and Mary's ceramic rounds with brass artist wire. At the left focal, I used Mary's ceramic square tab that has an amazing sheen to it, and on the right, a beaded bead made by my friend Libby Simpson. Three strands make up the front of the necklace, brass chain in 2 sizes and copper freshwater pearls with swarovski crystals.

Recently Heather posted a fun and easy bracelet design, that worked well with this bracelet. Heather's polymer focal with wood beads in a fun shape, along with 2 more of Mary's ceramic rounds, make for a versatile piece of jewelry. (Heather sent me some of these great pewter flower hook and eye clasps in the mail from Texas *Hobby Lobby RULES!)

In this second necklace, I used a copper color artist wire, which paired well with the copper tones of Heather's bicone bead, coin bead, and disc bead, the beautiful clover pendant from Mary, and the copper silk cord. I also used some ceramic rounds from Gaea Cannaday! (cream and rust rounds) I attached the cord to Vintaj Brass Co. filigree tubes. The Vintaj brass toggle adds some interest to the front the necklace. Gemstone Rondelles: I think these might be jade but I can't remember!! :)

Necklace number 3 features a Mary Harding glazed bead that was a real challenge for me. I could only picture this bead used in this way with dangles below it. I hung it on a very long brass cable chain. Below the bead, I hung a Green Girl Studios flying bird bead with more chain dangling below. Attached is a disc bead from Heather, olive and copper fresh water pearls, and a vintage skeleton key.

Necklace #4
Beautiful floral pendant from Mary Harding works well with silk cord in brown, cream and pink. I offset the floral clasp at the side, along with Heather's oval bead. I also used some silverplated chain from Michaels . This is a more simple design but this pendant can speak volumes for itself!

This was such a fun project and I hope I get to do it again someday in the future! Thank you Heather and Mary for allowing me to participate in this fun and challenging collaboration! You can view Heather's creations with the same beads here! And make sure to check out what Mary Harding came up with, here!


  1. All of them are incredibly lovely. Such awesome designs and such awesome talent my friend!

  2. Thanks Beth!
    Don't forget to check out Mary's pieces. Her's are up on her blog now. Still waiting for Heather's. She's a few hours behind us though.

  3. OMG - I want necklas #1 so bad I can't see straight. Are you going to be putting these pieces up for sale???? Lorelei you are SO talented!!!! And the gals that made the beads - WOW!!!

    HOBBY LOBBY does RULE - 1/2 of the accessories in my home are from there. Matter of fact I should buy stock.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. So nice to be making friends in blog land.

    Hugs - Lindy

  4. Hi Lindy! Thanks so much for your nice comments! I have been enjoying reading your blog lately! And I found some others in your list of favorites that I've been frequenting as well! So thanks for the referrals too!
    Lots of interest in this necklace! Let me think about it. I'll be in touch! :)

  5. Lori, I'm so mesmerized by your artistry that words fail me. I'm honored that you included my silly little bead, and blown away by your ability to constantly turn out such beautiful jewelry and make it seem so easy. Thank you to you and Heather and Mary for this wonderful treat! :)

  6. Anonymous5/08/2008

    These are wonderful! Makes me so inspired to get making some jewelry! I'm heading over to the other girls' blogs to see what they've come up with. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Very nice picture! One of your best.

  8. You and your necklace look so, so beautiful!

  9. Lorelei,
    You have made such incredible pieces with my pendants and beads. Wow!! I love your colors and designs. You have given my beads and pendants a wonderful sendoff. I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you so much for joining in on this beading adventure.

  10. Lorelei,

    This is a little bit belated, but congratulations on 100 items sold!

    The necklaces you made for the collaboration project are stunning! I think that my favorite is the first you made, it is gorgeous. I really love the strand of freshwater pearls that is strung along with the chain and the antiqued brass side toggle.

    Have a good weekend!


  11. Hi Libby, Beth!
    You are too sweet. I dislike most pictures of me generally...I don't really think I'm a very photogenic person.
    But thank you for your nice comments!

  12. Thanks Mary! It was a fun project that I hope I will have the opportunity to do again sometime!

  13. Thanks Laura!!
    The first necklace is my favorite as well. I wore it yesterday to work!! :)
    Thanks for stopping in!

  14. Congratulations, Lorelei. Wonderful designs and great colors!

  15. so pretty!
    i need to get more confident in jewlery wearing.
    i wear so little.
    i like jewelry i just feel funny in it.
    these are all so nice.

  16. Hi Meg!
    I stopped by your bloggy today too! It really made me laugh, the conversations you have with your kids, and just the way you display it...Love it.
    I don't wear a lot of jewelry either, believe it or not! I like really simple, non-fussy everyday, wearable jewelry.

  17. Lori and Meg - me too! In the latest issue of ### magazine they show lots of big flashy crystal pendants and I keep thinking, who in the world wears this stuff!? I agree, jewelry has to be non-fussy and wearable (like Lori's), or else what's the point?

  18. Anonymous5/11/2008

    Hi there. I just happened to be browsing sites for beaded jewelry. I have been interested in it for a long time. My mom and I are a tandem, working on pieces we give to friends and family. To cut the long story short, your pieces of beaded jewelry are so unlike the so many others that I have seen. I truly admire your jewelry pieces - they inspire me to do better.
    I truly think that you have a great eye and such a creative spirit for beadmaking. I will challenge myself and my mom too to make better pieces.

  19. WOW. Thank you so much! Thank you to everyone that commented and for all of your support! It's all of you who inspire me to keep making jewelry! Thanks for all the lovely feedback, I love hearing it!

  20. Whoa, talk about daring to be awesome! I love these pieces (although my favorite is the top necklace). Mary's beads go so well with Heather's, and I love the way you've combined them with beautiful chain and fiber.

  21. Oh, I love them all Lorelei! My favorite is the first one. The mix of chain and pearls works so well with the disks.

    I also love what you did with the clover pendant and toggle in the front. Simply Beads has an upcoming issue with clasps in the front, that would be a great submission. (hint, hint!)


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