Did you miss me??

I'm back! We got home yesterday about 3pm. Had a great time in Connecticut. Spent some excellent quality time with our niece and nephew! Here is some fun we had in the back yard at Grandma's.

We had A's 3rd birthday party on Saturday...complete with the big blow-up JUMPY that included a SLIDE! The kids were in heaven.

Got home and quickly got together 4 packages to mail out. Sales were excellent over the weekend! This makes me so happy! I also had some time to relax and bead. 3 days away from the beading table and I was completely jonesing !
These 3 beauties will be listed in no time.
Check back later in the week. I'm going to have another giveaway- this time the jewelry is from The Orange Bell! Be prepared to work for it though!! Not just any blog giveaway! ;) You know me, gotta switch it up!