Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I know you are all probably checking in to see the big Collaboration reveal... I won't be posting the reveal now until Thursday (*5/8) I'm afraid!! An extra few days were needed to finish up some projects.
Til then, I'll be posting about my regular nonsense!

So It's Cinco de Mayo! As a HUGE lover of Mexican food, I am pretty excited about this day because I know it means my husband will take me out for a good Taco dinner somewhere. We have 3 great Mexican restaurants to choose from here. (The best one is the furthest drive, but totally worth it!)

I worked diligently in the studio this past weekend. I made quite a few earrings and 2 bracelets and 2 necklaces! I listed everything on Etsy yesterday. I always have high hopes of waiting it out and listing one thing per day, but since I'm doing it and it's so time consuming, I figure I might as well just do them all at once! Make sure to look through all the pages of my shop, because the earrings were listed throughout the store. I took some old earrings and other pieces out and replaced them with new.

I will leave you with my favorite necklace that I did yesterday. Queen Bee. How clever! It's hard to see in this photo, but I made the brass flower using little filigree drops from Vintaj Brass. CLEVER!! I need to be on that tv show, That's Clever. That was a great show. I wonder if it's still on...

p.s. DON'T FORGET! I am now only 2 sales away from 100 sales on ETSY! Be my 100th sale and receive the pretty bracelet shown in the May 3rd post!