Happy Tuesday!

First, I want to say, thank you to my lovely loyal customers to help me get to 100 sales! I made my 100th sale overnight to a repeat customer from Arizona~ Thank you Melissa, if you're reading this!

Okay, so you know how Etsy has treasuries? What is flippin' up with treasuries!?! Who has patience for this? I do not. I look and they are always full. Always! Who has time to sit and wait for a treasury to become available? People who do Etsy full time I guess. Well here's my stinkin' treasury...I'll do it here. MY WAY.

A few of my favorites! It's my birthday month (yay! 13 days and counting!) I looove my birthday. It's my favorite day of the year. So for the people that love me that read this, here are some good ideas for gifts!