Ok, so it's been a long day. I'm super frustrated. The good news : I made it to the front page of Etsy (well, the Orange and the Gray bracelet did)
The bad news: I can't figure out how to get my screen shot to my blog post. It gives me an error every time. Tried saving it in other formats, doesn't work.

Working on a new necklace as I type this.... A flying bird from my friend Lynn. You can see her shop here. Hopefully I will finish tonight so that I can post some pictures in the morning.

What's next?
Tell me, what do you want to see go on sale??
Tell me in this post,
and I'll make your sale happen.


  1. Lorelei, Congrats on the Etsy front page spot, I hope it leads to all kinds of great things.

    And I love the toggle on the bracelet, so cool!

    Thanks for using your phenomenal designer skills with my bird beads, you created some designs I would never have thought of - because you are the designer above all! LLYYNN

  2. Lynn, I'm totally blushing. Thank you for your kind comments!


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