Hump Day, Finally

This week is lasting forever. I just want the weekend. Not much is new here. I worked a little bit in the studio last night. Not on anything substantial. You may have noticed quite a few things were removed (like 15 or so) from my shop. I am taking them into the Museum's gift shop where I sell my pieces. They needed some new stock. I tried to take stuff that wasn't really getting any attention on Etsy. Surprisingly, the bird necklaces. The first one I had listed was a hit. The other two, not so much. You just never know I guess! We'll see if the Museum-going crowd will dig them. I know you'll let me know if you see something that you wanted isn't there anymore and you want it still. Just holla.
The countdown to my birthday has begun. 12 days and counting. I'll be 34 years old, Woo hoo! My mother, step father, sister and brother are all coming to stay the weekend of my birthday. Pretty excited about that because my mom hasn't seen our new house yet. I know she'll be pleased!
I'll probably do something really cool the week of my birthday- on the blog...regarding a giveaway of sorts. Still thinking it through, but I'll let you know soon.
Hope you all have a great Wednesday!


  1. Woohoo!! How exciting! :)

  2. awww...cute kitty!! :) and Congrats on 100 sales! woo hoo! :)

    (on my blog images: I put them into a grid and round the corners in photoshop, and then upload the grid as a single photo to blogger; it was my way of getting around their tricky photo system and making my life less frustrating lol).

  3. A fellow spring chicken! Mine's on Monday and I'll be the big 3-4, too.

  4. Hey Ginger! YAY! May birthdays RULE! Hope you have a wonderful day on Monday! 34 isn't too bad. I never really feel bad about getting older! I just need to hurry up and have some babies! :)


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