monday may 12

Not as exciting a post as I was hoping. nothing got done in the studio yesterday. Couldn't wrap my head around jewelry designs at all. what's up with that? sometimes i feel so scattered.
i did cut some more scrap paper for gift boxes. i found an awesome pack of 8 inch papers at michael's.
the patterns are so gorgeous. i may list a small package for sale in the shop. SEI makes this paper. It was impossible to find a picture of it online. Above picture shows packet I'll be listing on Etsy.
i also made some thank you notes. (also can be used as bookmarks) which I rubber stamped with some cute bird stamps that I found recently. the bookmarks are a khaki brown and I stamped them with a chocolate ink.

had a great weekend with friends. Went out to a local bar/restaurant with some friends on friday night. Had some great laughs, a couple of drinks.
Saturday night we went over to a neighbors. Good laughs and great wine. I am not a big drinker, only socially. I discovered an excellent wine from the Finger Lakes called Goose Watch, Bartlett Pear. Incredible! The label on the bottle is so pretty.Hope you all have a great Monday. Sorry for the lame post.


  1. Happy Monday! Have to tell you that while I was shoping for some Summer shirts this past weekend I was thinking of pieces of your jewelry and if any of it would go with what I was finding. Check your etsy .......

    Hugs - Lindy

  2. Always love a good wine recommendation - thanks! The lovely label is enough to make me want to give it a try!

    Love the necklace on you - you and it look fabulous!

  3. I love the paper! Super pretty! I've noticed Target had a great selection of craft stuff! Who knew?!?

  4. Hi Gaea!
    Isn't it pretty!? I wish I had other uses for it. I don't really scrapbook. It's actually kind of thick to make the gift boxes. A little hard to fold.
    I got this at Michael's also.


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