New Necklace

Trying to think outside the box. Get away from the norm. Try something new and different. This necklace was inspired by a design in Stringing Magazine. I used smooth pink opal rondelles, pink faceted czech glass and Vintaj Brass Co. filigree drops.


  1. Anonymous5/30/2008

    Hi Lorelei! Your norm is a good thing... :-)

  2. Hi Norma
    Awww, well, I hope you like the new and different too!

  3. It's ALL good! :-)
    Where do you get the ribbed or notched jump rings?

  4. This is very delicate and precious Lorelei, I like it! Reminds me of the beginning of summer.

  5. Thanks Heather! I thought it might be pretty to wear to a wedding too.


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