Random Stuff

Thank you to all who sent me warm Birthday wishes! I had a wonderful birthday weekend, with a visit from my family... and a nice d
ay with my husband, went out to a nice lunch... a little shopping... I am a lucky girl.

Here is a sneak peak at some new stuff, going into the Shop momentarily...

Was featured on Stefanie's Blog today... we have a little collaboration project planned in the near future. Stefanie works in every media, lamp work glass, ceramics, silver work, you name it. She's making some beads, which she'll mail to me. I'll make her some jewelry, and I'll get beads for my own use too. Stay tuned for this! You can read more about the beads she's making for this project on her blog Distracted Muse.

The next selection of jewelry for the Birthday Celebration sale is: THE FOLLOWING SELECTION OF EARRINGS in SHOP- Take $5 off. This sale continues 'til Saturday May 24. Prices already reflect sale. GO TO THE SHOP!

ANNOUNCEMENT: My Sweet friend Heather Wynn has opened her own Etsy shop! Check it out at SwoonDimples