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What's new in the studio?
*Last night I worked on some custom o
rders. Another Raven necklace for Petra in Germany. And a couple of bracelets for a colleague at the museum where I work. I made her two to choose from. Both with bird elements. The one she doesn't choose, I will list in the shop.

*Yesterday I worked out an awesome trade with my friend Payton Jett of GreenGlassCafe. She's going to send me some birds. I'm gonna make her some bling.

*I got some excellent goodies in the mail yesterday. Some ceram
ic pendants from Chinook Jewelry. They are incredible. The colors and textures are fantastic. I can't wait to use them. I have a feeling it will be hard not to completely hoard them for awhile though.

*I also got some beads and Green Girl Studios goods from LimaBeads.
They carry Vintaj Brass Co. and Green Girl Studios products now. I was thrilled. I used to order my GGS from FusionBeads. But they don't sell a lot of semi-precious gems. I like to order all my goods all from one place. Makes it easier and I don't have to dish out a lot for shipping. I hate paying for shipping.

*I finally received some little birds from Humblebeads.
The raven came too which I used already in the custom order that I spoke of earlier.

*I received my Marge owl from Old School Acres and Laurie is so awesome...sent me a piggy too.
I'll always be a sucker for stuffies.

*And I got my long sleeved black OWL t-shirt from Jimiyo.
Check out Jimiyo's website here. and Jimiyo's Etsy shop Here. These were all goods purchased with my birthday cash- so when I say it was like it was my birthday, it was really like, MY BIRTHDAY. :D lol


  1. Ohhh! How much fun you will have with all the new beauties! I have to say... I have quite a few pieces I'm hoarding myself... Can I come play at your house? My mom said it was ok! Tee hee!

  2. Oohhhh wouldn't that be so fun! A whole day of beading with a friend!? I wish we could. You're welcome into my bead room ANY DAY!

  3. Ummm - do you ever sleep girl?????

    Hope you had a fab b-day!

    LOVE the blue/green glass - looks like beach glass. Can't wait to see what you do with those.

    Hugs - Lindy

  4. Hi Lindy!
    A beader never sleeps, and a sleeper never beads. Isn't that what they say?? lol
    Aren't those beads FAB!? I too thought they looked like beach glass. They are matte green Fluorite nuggets! Got them from LimaBeads. My new favorite place to shop! They are really big too...graduated in size. I thought I could even use some of the larger stones as pendants! yay!

  5. oh, don't you just love goodies in the mail box. i love the chinook pieces. And your bird photo is lovely, can't wait to see what you make with all your wonderful new bits and pieces.


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